Who we are

Presentation of ISEL :

ISEL is a graduate school of logistics located in the city of Le Havre, and the only « école d’ingénieurs » of its kind in France.
Nowadays, logistics is an essential part of any company’s opeations, and the market for logistics engineers is more active than ever.
A graduate engineer in logistics can pursue a career in a wide range of positions in every sector ; ISEL offers four different degrees covering the whole field of logistics, and welcomes students as well as apprentices.
The field of logistics is global by nature and a combination of different areas of expertise, ranging from purely scientific fields such as mathematics, applied sciences and chemistry, to a variety of non-scientific fields aiming at a better understanding of the worldwide environment, like economics, social sciences and management.
In an increasingly globalised world, ISEL also has got a wide range of foreign partners, both institutional and professional, and our syllabuses thus have an emphasis on foreign languages.
Isel also offers to foreign students who do not speak french a one-semester specific course fully taught in English : the LSCM semester.

Key dates :
  • 1994 : Creation of the « Institut Supérieur d’Etudes Logistiques » (ISEL)
  • 1998 : Inauguration of ISEL’s current buildings on the Quai Frissard
  • 2006 : ISEL is granted the EUR-ACE label
  • 2009 : Creation of the « Comptoir de la Logistique »
  • 2016 : Launch of the TRAFIS LAB project
  • 2019 : ISEL celebrates its 25th birthday
  • 2020 : Creation of both « FISEA » & « Industrial Engineering » programs
  • 2020 : ISEL becomes part of the Polytech Network as a partner school
Dean & Associate Deans :
  • DERREY Thierry, Dean,
  • FROUFE Sonia, Associate Dean – Studies & Student Life,
  • BONNIEC Elise, Associate Dean – International Relations,
  • DUHAMEL Andréa-Cynthia, Associate Dean – Research,
  • GUERIN Franck Associate Dean – Development.
Polytech Network :

The Polytech Network is an association between a large number of France’s most important engineering schools , a partnership aiming at a better coverage of our country’s needs in terms of highly-skilled and versatile engineers. This network now regroups 15 schools as well as 3 partner schools all over France, with more than 12,000 students and over 3,600 graduates every year.
ISEL has joined the Polytech Network in 2020 as a partner school.