Semester Abroad

During their fourth year of study, all of our students are given the opportunity to study abroad as part of their 5-year curriculum, either to study in a partner school or university, or to work with one of our professional partner companies during an internship.

Since 1999, more than 720 students have enjoyed this opportunity abroad, including over 360 in the last six years.

Incoming mobility :
  • French-speaking foreign students and students coming from our international partners can apply to our school, based on the modalities mentioned in our « Programmes » & « Admission » pages.
  • Non french-speaking students : the LSCM program offers a chance to study at ISEL joining for a Spring semester fully taught in English by experienced teachers and pros.
Outgoing mobility :

In addition to our student mobility, ISEL’s representatives and academics often travel abroad, being invited by our international partners and networks.